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Bringing Your Family With You While Studying in Canada

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There are numerous benefits of studying in Canada. As an international student in Canada, you can bring your family member while studying there. Canada’s immigration policy allows family members of international students to come to Canada to study or work. Your spouse or common-law partner will be eligible for an open work permit and can work full- or part-time in Canada without requiring a Labour Market Impact Assessment.

To be eligible for work permits, the student must be studying full-time in Canada and have a valid study permit at a public post-secondary institution, private post-secondary institution or a private institution authorized by provincial statute

Minor Children and Canadian Study Permit Rules

If you or your spouse is already in Canada, your minor child can study without a study permit at the primary or secondary level. And when the child reaches the age of majority, he/she needs to apply for a study permit to continue his/her studies in Canada.

Staying in Canada After Studying As An International Student

Being a student in Canada may increase your eligibility for permanent residency (PR) or open the door to numerous immigration programs. Studying, working, and practicing your communication skills can help you become eligible for permanent residency. Your spouse’s working experience can also increase your availability for permanent residency.

If you choose to immigrate to Canada permanently after completing your studies, you can do this through the federal Express Entry system. This system consolidates all the major categories of federal economic immigration and. Every candidate receives a Comprehensive Ranking System score and the highest-ranking candidates are issued invitations to apply for permanent residence. If your spouse has been working in Canada while you were studying, this may increase your Comprehensive Ranking System score.

Applying Together

If you are planning to bring your family to Canada while you study, and you’ll be reaching at the same time, you can fill out a single application for the family. If you have a number of different permit applications, you’ll need extra documentation along with additional fees.

Bringing Your Parents While On A Study Permit

International students can bring their parents to Canada through a Temporary Resident Visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization.

Extending Immigration Documents for Immediate Family

To extend your spouse or children’s status documents such as visas, visitor records or work permits, you need to apply at least 2-3 months before the expiration of documents. Visitor visas will be considered as a stamp in your spouse’s or child’s passport. The duration of your family’s stay in Canada will be decided by an Immigration Officer.

Are you planning to invite your spouse or common-law partner or another family member to join you in Canada? Agnihotri Immigration Consulting is one of the leading consulting firms in Canada and is specialized in appeals, express entry, labour market impact assessments, provincial nominee programs, family class sponsorship, permanent residency, citizenship, passport applications, work permits, study permits, and visitor visas.

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