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Promoting Education in High-Demand Fields


Young Canadians need to have access to information on a variety of careers to make informed choices about their education early in life. Good choices early on can help to ensure that young Canadians obtain the skills and experience necessary to find work quickly, avoid unnecessary debt and get a better start to their careers.

About the Program

To make good career decisions, Canadians, and particularly youth, need to have access to the right information about current and future labour market needs. Economic Action Plan 2013 reallocated $19 million over two years to give young Canadians access to better labour market information and to develop new ways of promoting fields that are in demand, including science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and the skilled trades. By raising awareness of the importance of making informed education and career choices among youth and their influencers – parents and guidance counsellors – we are one step closer to better matching workers’ skills with employer needs. The Government has also broadened the array of services offered to youth to find jobs:

Job Bank– The Government of Canada’s free job listing and employment information website. Each year, Job Bank helps hundreds of thousands of Canadian workers, job seekers, and employers connect online.

Job Alerts – Subscribers to Job Alerts receive by email all jobs posted on Job Bank up to twice a day. Job Alerts also provides relevant, up-to-date information on the job market straight to the subscriber’s inbox.

This additional support builds on the substantial investments we now make through the Youth Employment Strategy. so that young Canadians have the skills and qualifications they need to succeed in today’s job market.

Who Is Eligible?

These measures will help more young Canadians, including youth at risk and recent post-secondary graduates, to make informed choices about their education and careers, complete their studies and get the vital first work experience needed to successfully transition into the labour force.

Find Out More

To subscribe to the Job Alert or for more information, please visit the Government of Canada’s Job Bank. To learn more about Canada’s Youth Employment Strategy and other youth employment initiatives, please visit

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