Canada Global Talent Stream (GTS)

The Global Talent Stream is a part of Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), which aims to help Canadian employers expedite the hiring process for foreign nationals and compete internationally. Once approved through the program, employers can quickly hire skilled foreign workers through the Global Skills Strategy.

Under the Global Talent Stream, skilled workers can expect their Canada work permits and visa applications to be processed within two weeks.

The program was launched on June 12, 2017, and Quebec introduced its own version on September 11, 2017.

The Global Talent Stream Requirements

Category A: List of ESDC Designated Partners as of August 13, 2018

Under Global Talent Category A, employers must be referred by one of the following (subject to change):

  • Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
  • BC Tech Association
  • Business Development
  • Bank of Canada
  • Canadian Economic
  • Development for Quebec Regions
  • City of Hamilton’s Economic Development Office
  • Communitech Corporation
  • Council of Canadian Innovators
  • Economic Development Winnipeg
  • Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario
  • Global Affairs Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service
  • Government of Alberta, Alberta Labour
  • Government of British Columbia, Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology
  • Government of Manitoba, Manitoba Education and Training
  • Government of Ontario, Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation, and Trade – Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program
  • Government of Ontario, Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation, and Trade – Ontario Investment Office
  • Government of Prince Edward Island, Island Investment Development Inc.
  • Government of Saskatchewan, Ministry of Immigration and Career Training – Employer Services Branch
  • Halifax Partnership
  • ICT Association of Manitoba (ICTAM)
  • Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada – Accelerated
  • Growth Service
  • Invest Ottawa
  • London Economic Development Corporation
  • MaRS Discovery District
  • National Research Council – Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP)
  • Privy Council Office, Special Projects Team
  • Vancouver Economic Commission
  • Venn Innovation
  • Waterloo Region Economic Development Corporation

Quebec Designated Partners

  • Investissement Quebec
  • Montréal International
  • Québec International
  • L’Association québécoise des technologies

The Global Talent Stream Requirements

Category B – What Jobs Are Covered By The Global Talent Stream?

For Category B of the Global Talent Stream, employers must hire highly-skilled foreign workers to fill positions in occupations found on the following list:

NOC code 2016NOC code 2021OccupationMinimum wage requirement (annual salary)Minimum wage requirement (hourly rate)
021320012Computer and information systems managersprevailing wageprevailing wage
214721311Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)prevailing wageprevailing wage
Sub-set of 2161*Sub-set of 21210*

Mathematicians and statisticians

* Positions for actuaries or related occupations are excluded from this subset.

prevailing wageprevailing wage

21211 – Data scientists

21220 – Cybersecurity specialists

21221 – Business system specialists

21222 – Information systems specialists

21233 – Web designers

Information systems analysts and consultantsprevailing wageprevailing wage

21211 – Data scientists

21223 – Database analysts and data administrators

Database analysts and data administratorsprevailing wageprevailing wage

21231 – Software engineers and designers

21211 – Data scientists

Software engineers and designersprevailing wageprevailing wage

21230 – Computer systems developers and programmers

21232 – Software developers and programmers

21234 – Web developers and programmers

Computer programmers and interactive media developersprevailing wageprevailing wage

21233 – Web designers

21234 – Web developers and programmers

Web designers and developersprevailing wageprevailing wage
228122220Computer network technician$82,000 or higher prevailing wage$39.42 or higher prevailing wage
228322222Information systems testing technicians$80,000 or higher prevailing wage$38.46 or higher prevailing wage
Sub-set of 5131*Sub-set of 51120*

Producer, technical, creative and artistic director and project manager – Visual effects and video game

Position requires a minimum of five years of experience in the visual effects, video game or animation industries in one or a combination of the following roles: producer, technical director, creative director, artistic director or project manager, with experience in at least one or more of the following skills relevant to the visual effects, video game or animation industries: surfacing and look development; character or simulation rigging; matte painting; or technical pipeline development and application for visual effects, video games, or animation production.

$78,000 or higher prevailing wage$37.50 or higher prevailing wage
Sub-set of 5241*Sub-set of 52120*

Digital Media and Design

Position requires a minimum of five years of experience in at least one of the following digital media design skills: 3D modeling, virtual reality, augmented reality, digital media animation, levels editing for digital media design, software editing for digital media design, pipeline software development or applications relevant for digital media design.

$80,000 or higher prevailing wage$38.46 or higher prevailing wage

* Quebec sets its own minimum wage floors for applications from within Quebec. Consult the Quebec immigration website for more information

Processing Fee – Non-refundable $1,000 to be paid by the employer.

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